• Workshop for students from Roberto Clemente, Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, and Maura Clarke

    29 07 2016Theme News

    On Wednesday July 8th the staff members from the campaign change now, just do it gave a workshop to students ...

  • Journalists from Bluefields keep on fighting for their human rights

    21 07 2016Theme News

    During 3 intensive days 21 journalists will be in training about the role of legislation and human rights and how ...

  • Students from the Baptist and Christian school debated in Bluefields

    21 07 2016Theme News

    This time the debate was in the Christian School and the Baptist schoo as well. Both schools are located in ...

  • Students from San Francisco Javier in Mateare finished with the scool debates

    21 07 2016Theme News

    On June 18th of 2016 the debates in the San Francisco Javier school finished. The campaign Change now, Just do ...

  • Roberto Clemente´s high school concludes with their internal debates

    20 06 2016Theme News

    On Thursday June 16 of 2016, Students from 9th grade and 10th grade debated among each other to find out ...

  • Students from Pearl Lagoon debate about ways to prevent violence and drug consumption.

    17 06 2016Theme News

    For the second year, 8 students from Pearl Lagoon debate on methods to avoid violence and stop drug abuse. Prior ...

  • Jeannessa. Bluefields

    When we get together we could make a change... Let´s make it real and let´s stop violence

  • Student, Bluefields

    I see a lot of child abuse, instead of mistreating, parents should talk more with them, parents must change and stop being violent.

  • Student, Bluefields

    At school there is a lot of disrespect and bullying, students insult one another, say bad words, it´s a bad example for smaller kids. 

  • Mark Joseph, Player

    To keep our youths and children away from violence and drugs; it´s necessary to educate them from home...invest more time in inviting the youths and kids to be in sport.

  • Vidal Taylor, Miskito

    Man ba karnika brisma ramyakara, au bara apia wiaya karnika sin brisma, pura luanka nani ailal briaya karnika brisma, bara kahwaya sin sipsma... kanbi kaikaya karnika brisma ba baku swiaya karnika brisma naiwa druga ba…

  • Julio

    I met drugs and gangs, but now that I have my son and wife I 've decided I want a better life.

Raise awareness and mobilize public opinion in favor of the actions of the family and the community to prevent youth violence and drug abuse through a mass media campaign.

The campaign Change now is in the territories of: Bluefields , Bilwi, Waspam, Pearl Lagoon, Desembocadura del Río Grande and Managua.

The campaign promotes various activities such as workshops against violence , school debates , documentaries and promotion of non- violence on social networks.

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